About us.

M H Mear & Co. was founded by Norman Mear in 1947, when he first produced a Gas Flow Calculator which made calculations relating to the flow of gases in cast iron and steel pipes.

The original calculator was produced in Ivorine, which was a thin plastic. Unfortunately, the Ivorine had a tendency to warp and so a different material was later used for all calculators, this being cast acrylic Perspex. Other calculators followed, including calculators specifically designed for customers.

The Gas Flow Calculator and the Pipe Flow Calculator for Liquids and Gases (Turbulent Flow) were translated into French and German for Audco, Newport. The Electric Lighting Calculator and Glare Index Calculator were translated into Swedish for a Swedish company. Calculators were produced also for the National House Builders, Angus Fire Hose, A 0 Smith Corporation in the USA, Hepworth Building Products, the Methane Drainage Calculator for the National Coal Board. Many others were supplied with our standard calculator but incorporating the name, address and other details of the customer.